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I was never an Apple fan to begin with and I do not own (and have never owned) any Apple products. However, I still appreciated them for their creativity and ingenuity when it comes to design and user-intuitiveness. A quick look at the smart phone market will immediately show how everyone is trying to imitate Apples technology and/or design. It’s probably safe to say that Apple revolutionized personal computers, music and smart phones. Steve Job’s vision changed the way people work and play today.

I particularly loved watching Steve Jobs giving his signature keynote speeches. His onstage charisma is incomparable. Apple would have never become what it is today without the lead of Steve Jobs.

Steve, rest in peace. You will be well missed by all.

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Today (15th March) is Catholic Media Promotion Day. In celebration of the inaugural 1st CMPD, here’s a list of my favorite Catholic stuff:

3 Favorite Catholic Podcasts (SQPN)

3 Favorite Catholic Podcasts (Catholic Radio)

3 Favorite Catholic Podcasts (Others)

3 Favorite Catholic Blogs

3 Favorite Catholic Apps (Android)

My current project is this blog, of course. I try to review podcasts, blogs, apps, etc, Catholic or otherwise, but I’m a little behind since work has been piling up. Still slowly trying to clean-up broken links and obsolete items.

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I’m in Top 50!!!

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I made it to Top 50! #18 to be exact. I don’t know how I did it but somehow, I did. Wink

Thanks to all my 13 followers on NetworkedBlogs who made this possible. If you’ve liked whatever you’ve read here so far, do consider following me on NetworkedBlogs to push me further up the list! High Five!

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Yes, it’s that time again! Nominations are open for Podcast Awards 2009! If you love listening to podcasts, it’s time to get to work and start nominating your favorite podcasts at If you’re in need for suggestion, or perhaps you’re not sure about the URL address of the podcast you support, you can always hop over to the Podcasts tab on this blog.

Please note that you can only submit the nomination form ONCE. The same show is not to be nominated for multiple categories within the same submission. Get more details at

P.S.: If you’re a supporter of SQPN, I suggest you wait for Father Roderick’s “official” suggested nominations list. Meanwhile, let’s work together to try and bring this to Father’s attention. The poor padre is so loaded with work that I think he missed my plurk last night. Razz

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3 New SQPN Shows!

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Hurray! SQPN has added 3 new shows to it’s stellar line-up of fantastic Catholic podcasts! Woo hoo!

ROSWELL, GA – To wrap up a summer of fun and gear up for the fall season of new activities, the Star Quest Production Network proudly announces the addition of three new podcasts to the SQPN family. Each show casts a unique spin on how Catholics live their lives. They serve the growing interest, not only in Catholic living, but in living well.

“In answer to the Church’s call for evangelization via the new media, SQPN is constantly searching for ways to reach out to new audiences,” says Fr. Roderick Vonhogen, founder and CEO of the Star Quest Production Network.

“The three new shows in our line-up do exactly that: Pat Gohn’s ‘Among Women’ reaches out to women, while Nick and Pat Padley cater to young adults with ‘In Between Sundays’, and Jeff Young, ‘the Catholic Foodie’ targets people that love to share faith and good food with friends and family.”

More details here.

And in case you were wondering, yes the Podcasts page has been updated accordingly. Wink

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